the story of my life….

This is the story of my life before I left Iran in a nutshell. Here I am trying to explain my life situation in different ages of my life. There is a part that wrote about Zoroastrians who are not being respected much because they are minority in their own country which is a shame.

by niloofar 2011……………………………………………………………………………………

the story of my life. foto: wallyre 2011

the story of my life. foto: wallyre 2011

So finally I am born, 21 of March 1984. The world is blurry and I cant see much. Try to be passive for first few years to get the vibe that what is going on? Years passed by and I am 7 now. I m going to school. Very excited about it. Life is still good and I am a happy little girl growing up in a city in middle of desert in Iran. My parents are perfect, they take me to park, buy me toys and kiss me all the time. I am the luckiest child in the world. Its summer, my present decided to move to my grandpa’s house to take care of him so I changed my school. The teachers in new school are different. They put different cloths on and their accent is not the same. But I don’t care I like them anyway. Today is teachers day and I got a present for my 4th grade teacher. Me and my friends are going to her place to show her our love and respect. I am told that I shouldn’t eat in her house because we are not fron the same religion. !!!!  Its not making sense to me at all !!! My teacher is Zoroastrian apparently we all were from that ancient religion in the past and these people are who remained from that.

I am growing up and everything is changing. Life is not fun anymore. I am taught to cover my hair and body when I go out. I don’t know why !!??? The beautiful world is not safe any longer and I am beginning to dislike it more and more. I am a teenager now, a girl full of dreams, energy and idea. But who cares!!!!

Gedicht in Farsi

sehr bekanntes farsi gedicht aus dem iran*. foto: wallyre2011

There is nothing to enjoy, everything is forbidden. I cant even talk about my dreams. I am told to be quiet because its rude to talk !!!! But I dream and dreams and dreams for hours..I want to travel around the world. I want to write a book, I want to be different I want to talk and be someone.

Its not an option you must be like us..they said

I am in the last year of high school, totally lost, lost and disappointed. I want to fly, to scape this prison . there is nothing good for me. I don’t want this. I heard university is a cool place where we can talk our mi8nd where we are count as a human but it w as a big lie. I am a university student now. Its my last semester, I am going to be an engineer soon. Its autumn. I will meet my boyfriend in a café close by university in few hours. I put my feet in the café not knowing this is the last time I will go there. We were talking, serious talks. It’s the last year of study and everyone are going away. I am thinking of leaving Iran but he asks me to wait. He cant leave now. My mother is not happy about me leaving, she want me to be around her. I am fighting with everything and everyone to live my life but the only option is leaving, We aretalking that two religious police ask us if we are related. Yes sir we are engaged. But we are not. We have to lie. The asked us for out ID and our mobile phones. I refused to give them my phone and the result is that I am arrested.

niloofar heisst in der übersetzung "lotusblume". foto: wallyre 2011

They got my boy friend too and they are hitting him for no reason. I asked if I can call my parents but they don’t let me. They look at me like I am not a human, they talk down to me.  After 4 hours of being taught to be a good person and follow the Islamic rules they are calling my parent. My mother heart is about to stop that I am arrested. They are here to release me. My father face is gloomy and my mother eyes are watery. She hug me and said: Don’t be sad baby, you are leaving ….

 © written by nilofaar 2011.

link zur 137. sendung summerau,96:

inhalt der sendung:  niloofar ist eine junge frau aus dem iran, die nach ihrem studienabschluss in malaysia für 4 monate durch die usa und europa gereist ist. niloofar hat in ihrer heimat als journalistin gearbeitet. ist auch schriftstllerin und hat kindergedichte geschrieben, die sie veröffentlichen wollte. in einem interview, dass am 8. Juni in der literatursendung summerau,96 auf radio FRO in linz   gesendet wurde,sie erzählt über den iran, darüber wie junge menschen im iran leben und denken und liest einen eigenen text vor. interview in englischer sprache, ohne übersetzung.

mit aktuellem  nachtrag in dt. sprache: der iran plant weitere, neue formen der zensur aufzubauen: ein sogenanntes „nationales internet“, das den iranischen cyberspace vom rest der virtuellen welt trennen soll. ziel dieser online zensur ist es, eine kostengünstige form der kontrolle aufzubauen. verfolgt wird eine möglichkeit, ausschliessliche islamische werte aufrecht zu erhalten und dem iranischen volk zu vermitteln. (wr)

* übersetzung des farsi gedichts von niloofar: I can live without everyone but you. my heart is burning from cause of your love. I can´t find someone like you anywhere else.


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